SoMePeAS Social Media for Personalization And Search

Social media platforms have become powerful tools to collect the preferences of the users and get to know them more. Indeed, in order to build profiles about what they like or dislike, a system does not only have to rely on explicitly given preferences (e.g., ratings) or on implicitly collected data (e.g., from the browsing sessions). In the middle, there lie opinions and preferences expressed through likes, textual comments, and posted content. Being able to exploit social media to mine user behavior and extract additional information leads to improvements in the accuracy of personalization and search technologies, and to better targeted services to the users. In this workshop, we aim to collect novel ideas in this field and to provide a common ground for researchers working in this area.

Workshop @ ECIR 2017

European Conference on Information Retrieval - ECIR 2017 - 9th April 2017, Aberdeen, Scotland (UK)

Special Issues @ IRJ 2018

Information Retrieval Journal - IRJ 2018


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